Face Lifts - Celebrity Plastic Surgery - Famous Facelifts Pictures

Wayne Newton Before And After

There have been an awful lot of rumors surrounding the sensational singer, Wayne Newton, most of which are concerning his recent change in appearance, perhaps due to plastic surgery, more specifically a facelift.

No official reports or statements, but the before and after picture never lie... Or do they?

Bruce Jenner Face Lift

Bruce Jenner is another good example of highly unnecessary plastic surgery, but that didn't stop him from taking a perfectly handsome face and putting it into the hands of a plastic surgeon.

I guess Bruce Jenner felt the natural aging process wasnt for him and decided to get a face lift.

The pictures above tell the rest of the story i suppose.

Mickey Rourke Face Lift

Mickey Rourke is a perfect example of unwarranted and unnecessary plastic surgery.

Mickey Rourke went from being a Hollywood stud in the late 1980's and early 1990's.

But when Mickey decided to get plastic surgery (Face Lift), it was perhaps the worst decision of his life, as we can see from the pictures above.